Some would say that I’m a hockey loving, curling watching, caffeine addicted, beer drinking, book devouring, music cranking, baseball throwing, bat swinging, country music listening, oar paddling, Converse wearing, motorbike obsessing, crossword doing, quiver nocking, fire hydrant collecting, film watching, TV show following, art creating, trailer cutting Canuck living in the Great White North.

But I would just classify that as being me. 

I work primarily in art and photography, dabbling lately in film editing. This blog is for my own personal work, rants & thoughts, while my primary work is located elsewhere in the ether. If you were looking to 'learn' a little more about me, you’ve hit the right place. If you were just looking for the work I do, well then, you might want to head here instead:


Ask Me Something


Close Encounters: Gun Barrel Sequence
Castle Season 6 Promo (Castle)
Castle Season 6 Promo (Beckett)
[Castle] Close Encounters Opening Sequence
Fidelis Ad Mortem
Train's Marry Me: A Castle Promo Music Video
Castle Opening Sequence (I)
Castle Episodic Promo: Lives of Others
Castle Season 5 Hiatus Promo
Castle Season 4 Hiatus Promo
Castle Episodic Promo: 47 Seconds
Castle Season 4 Promo
Castle Episodic Promo: Knockout
Veritas: Crossover episode for Castle & White Collar

A Few Covers

The main goal of these were to create something that you could possibly see on in a bookstore. Hopefully, these selected ones came across as such.

June 26, 2013



They DID IT!!!

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